"Congratulations on the birth of your first child, I’m sure that you’ll be a good father, and make him proud. I’m sure you’ll inspire him to be just like you when he grown up. Even after the end of Supernatual you will have a bright future, it won’t be the end of your journey, an actor like you who can make people feel what your character feels, makes them suffer with him, smile with him and feel closer to him, deserve only the best, because you already proved to be good at it. And a proof of your talent are the thousands of fans that you have all around the world. This is just to show how important you are to your fans, how much you help them and how much they love you.

Thank you for all the nights awake watching Supernatural, for thrilling me with your performances, and for everything you still will do in the future. Be sure that there is a Brazilian girl who loves you, and is proud to be your fan.”

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